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The incredible Art, Culture, Tradition, Heritage, Festivals, Foods, Dresses etc., of Odisha (Utkal) is now a unique dream, not only in Odisha but also in India and abroad. We are proud to say that our lord is JAGANNATH, our culture is JAGANNATH and Our Sanskriti is JAGANNATH. The Prasad (Bhog) of Jagannath is the feature of our food, the dress of jagannath is the feature of our dress and the Earth, Water and Air of Odisha is our Lord Jagannath. Besides this we also proud for our KALINGA HEROS like Veer Surendra Sai, Gopabandhu Das, Jayee Raj guru, Biju Pattnaik etc.,

We the people of Odisha becoming PRABASI day by day in the name of Education, Service, Development etc., but we all including our next generation going away from our Golden Art, Culture, Tradition, Sanskriti, Foods, Festivals, Dresses etc., over the period of time. This is the worried things that our Prabasi Odiya have to think over it. Finally, some of our Prabasi Odiya, the Visionary, started thinking over it and join hands, not only to save our cultures & traditions but also to expand it nationally as well as Internationally.

Our Journey

The Journey started in 2011 in Delhi/NCR with a strong perception of we are all brother and sisters tied in One Paribar, i.e., Jagannath Paribar and finally in 2018 the PARIBAR came to the light in the name of RASTHRIYA PRABASI ODIYA PARIBAR (RPOP) duly registered with Registrar of Societies, South Delhi, NCT of Delhi under Societies Act 1860.

Finally “RPOP is for the Odiya,
By the Odiya
and of the Odiya”

Vision & Mission

The mission of the visionary to form and nurture a mutually supportive environment for interaction of Odia immigrants andtheir families, to enhance the awareness of Odisha, Odia Cultures, Traditions, Sanskritis etc. among them and

  • To connect our Odiya peoples through RPOP anywhere.
  • To provide voluntary, charitable and humanitarian service to them across India and Abroad.
  • To make contribution for the development of Peoples of Odisha.
  • To reach our Sanskriti in every sphere of World.

Finally, to Promote Nationally & Internationally :

Our Finesse and grandeur Architecture, Incredible Heritage, Monuments & Sculptures:

Our Glorious Arts & Crafts:

Our Famous Folk Dances & Cloth

Our Tasty Foods

Our Traditional Festivals

Our Kalinga Heroes:

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The mission of Our Community Center is to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.

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